Musings Of A Free Thinker

With so much going on in the world I feel compelled to provide a much-needed analysis on the media and the “powers that be”.

And what would seem to be a concerted effort on their part to provide a one-dimensional glimpse into trends that don’t seem to their particular liking.

In a recent article posted on it was noted with a degree of glee that the price of bitcoin has dropped “yet” again. According to the glorious headline, it has been the worst month in nearly a decade for cryptocurrency. Incidentally, Bitcoin rebounded within a few days. But my greater issue with this type of reporting is it provides a very slanted view of cryptocurrency.

Whilst Bitcoin is certainly the most well-known entity in crypto, there’s a vast number of alternate digital coins that are available. And I mean a number of options much broader than what’s espoused by Elon Musk In that case I’m referring to Dogecoin. How about Ethereum which has remained solid throughout the year? How often does the media mention that? And given that Ethereum is reflective of a broader tech ecosystem one could argue it has a higher upside than Bitcoin? Why doesn’t the media mention that? Is there a particular motivation for focusing on merely just one option in the crypto environment? What about XRP? What about Litecoin?

The naysayers seem to just want to provide a slim, marginal piece of the pie. We have to combat that.

Environmental Factors?

In the second portion of the article, they mention that Elon Musk announced Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin as payment over environmental factors? Given Musk’s insertion into the crypto game, one could argue other factors like his use of Dogecoin might be influencing him more than the environment. But that’s debatable. And I don’t claim to be an expert on all things environmental but is there specific scientific proof that Bitcoin is that detrimental? And the article also seems to imply these factors along with the “dip” will create less enthusiasm for crypto trading? I think that’s wishful thinking on that part. In my world, no one has lost any of their zeal for crypto trading. But alas myself and my circle tend to be well researched. We realise how many options are out there in this sector.

We realise it’s not all bad news

The last bit of the article notes that a portion of the crypto community feels the price correction is beneficial? Again there’s some who would argue that, and there’s of us in it for the long haul. So we realise things can be cyclical. And keep in mind the “price correction” is in reference to Bitcoin, not necessarily all cryptocurrencies. What’s important is to do your research and not rely on clickbait soundbites, which is what the media would prefer you to do.

The likes of yours truly Crypto Moon Punk is here to provide the truth and let every know there’s always an alternative. Stay tuned for more of my musings. I’ve only just gotten started.